Established in January 2009, Metropolitan Wireless International Pte Ltd specializes in designing and developing state of the art solutions using mobile wireless communication technologies.

We have presence in both Singapore and India, our engineers are equipped with high level of technical understanding in the advancing technological landscape.

We strive to design & provide specialized and holistic products that leverage on the latest technologies to deliver seamlessly-integrated wireless communications solutions that enhance the safety and performance of our customers’ operations.

monitor temperature

IoT Monitoring Solution

Innovative IoT solutions to remotely monitor your temperature, humidity, and more!

Indoor Positioning System

New state-of-the-art technology that is utilized for asset tracking, staff safety, and so on…
indoor tracking

Push-to-Talk over Cellular

Communicate from anywhere with our 4G LTE Walkie Talkie solution.


ThermoCare System immediately alerted me about the temperature spike during the second day of Chinese Lunar New Year.

After I harvest my fishes, I will store them in my Cold-room & Freezers. I do not have 24/7 personnel to standby monitoring my Cold-room’s condition. This poses a worry if any of my Cold-room or Freezer were down/malfunctioning.

During Festive Season I had a downtime of my Cold-room during second day of Chinese Lunar New Year. ThermoCare System immediately alert me about the Cold-room’s Temperature spike.

Thanks to ThermoCare System I immediately informed the Cold-room supplier to rush down to investigate and mitigate my Cold-room Temperature issue.

If not for ThermoCare System, I could have lost a million dollar worth of Frozen-Fish Stocks during that incident on Chinese Lunar New Year.

– Evonne Chow, Coldroom Operation Executive

MWI is truly a one-stop shop for simple and straightforward IT Solutions. They provide a user-friendly interface with plug-&-play sensors.

We had difficulties looking for a solutions provider that could provide sensors with calibration certification that traces back to the ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

MWI was able to provide sensors with calibration certificates as they are well connected with the calibration labs in Singapore. Their solution meets our requirement to monitor multiple location from a single dashboard remotely from anywhere at anytime.

The team is prompt with their response whenever we contracted them. We have never been left high & dry, and this is a very essential element of a good company to work with long-term.

– OncoCare Management

The temperature sensors does not get in the way of our operations because of their size and wireless technology!

Our previous monitoring system had a lot of cabling work which was invasive on our infrastructure and the sensors often got in the way of my workers who are trying to do their work.

MWI provided a solution that utilizes a plug-and-play type of sensors. The sensors are battery powered and transmit data wirelessly, so the installation of the sensors was hassle-free as they do not require additional cabling work.

They showed high level of professionalism throughout the procurement process, from our first inquiry to the post-sales service stage.

Their support is local and we can easily get in touch with them whenever we require their assistance, which is something we truly appreciate as well.

– Kelvin Ngian, General Manager

MWI provides professional advice, responsive assistance and 24x7 support, contributing to a positive and efficient customer experience!

Before the Hospital adopted a continuous automated temperature monitoring system, tracking of temperature for critical medication and items that required to be constantly chilled was done manually.

Staff had to physically inspect and record temperatures on hardcopy multiple times in a day.  This posed a challenge to staff especially during peak hours.

Introducing the automated system not only relieved staff from doing the manual task, it also ensured that any temperature fluctuation beyond tolerable limits is immediately escalated for rectification.

Tracking now is consistent and alert is instantly triggered to the relevant party for immediate inspection.

– Bruce Leong, IT Director

ThermoCare System is essential to us in preparations for our audits, temperature reading and excursion logs are readily available online.

As we are accountable for the extensive quantity of samples in our lab, we are expected to implement a 24/7 monitoring system that can generate reports and history logs.  This is a common requirement in our industry as medical products and samples are easily compromised when there is deviation in the storage environment.

MWI's ThermoCare System has a feature that automatically send history reports to our email on a monthly basis, and this saves us the hassle of having to export the history logs ourselves. This is especially helpful during surprise inspections when we do not have the luxury of time to extract the temperature log from the system.

The system gives us confidence in the security of our products and samples, which in turns gives confidence to our customer in the quality of our products and services.

– Toh Kai Yee, Head of Lab & Research

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