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Our Global Pressence

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Singapore and Malaysia Thailand India Nepal Indonesia Hong Kong Taiwan Philippines South Korea Japan

Singapore and Malaysia

  • SMRT Corporation
  • SBS Transit
  • Land Transport Authority
  • Singapore Police Force
  • PSA Singapore
  • SATS
  • KTMB
  • Klang Valley MRT


  • SAMART Telcoms
  • Thailand BMA
  • Thailand PEA


  • Delhi Airport Line
  • Delhi Metro
  • Bangalore Metro
  • Chennai Metro
  • Hyderabad Metro
  • Kochi Metro
  • Navi Mumbai Metro
  • Lucknow Metro
  • Ahmedabad Metro
  • Mumbai Central Rail


  • Pokhara Military


  • Indonesia Military
  • Indonesia Police (IPOL)
    • Jakarta
    • East Java
    • West Java
    • Brimob
    • Sumba

Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong KCRC
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Line
  • Hong Kong MTRC SIL
  • Hong Kong MTRC SCL


  • Taiwan High Speed Rail
  • Railways Administrations
  • Taiwan Rail Authority


  • Philippines Military
  • Philippines Police

South Korea

  • Incheon Line
  • Buta Line 1, 2


  • Narita Airport

Our solutions are deployed in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan