One of the most frustrating part of our job is being unable to serve our passengers well due to misplacement of terminal equipment.

Airport Passenger Service Crew

The Airport offers assistive devices such as baby strollers and wheelchairs throughout the terminals at no cost. There are designated return venues for the assistive devices after usage.
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But more often than not, users would just dump it at random corners after they are done using the assistive devices.

This resulted in delayed service for the passengers as the staffs has to spent time looking for the assistive devices. In the pursue for passenger satisfaction, the staffs are running into issues brought about by this service.

Indoor Asset Tracking

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Metropolitan Wireless International provided the backend wifi-based tracking solution to locate these assistive devices and relay the information to the staffs so that they are able to render help to passengers quickly regardless of which terminal they are in.

A small tracking device is attached to each assistive device to do the indoor tracking.

Our solution features the following:

Indoor Locating
Mapping down
to each level

How did we help them?

Airport’s Passenger Service Staffs are able to locate the assistive device by looking at their phone.

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Our Indoor Mapping guides the closest staffs to where the assistive device is located at. So they can serve the passenger quickly.

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