Railway Wireless Communication System

RailHUB has a stellar track record of catering for complex Metro operations over the last two decades. The solution is designed to facilitate seamless communications with the various stakeholders as well as the passengers to ensure smooth, safe and efficient operation of trains.

Integrated Train Communications

The RailHUB product caters to Radio based communications to the Driver, Passenger and all other systems on the train and stations. The Control Centre being the nerve centre of operations, it provides the operators the following features:

  • Identify trains through the Train Run Number (TRN) when it is in revenue service
  • Real-time position of trains on tracks achieved through the interface to the signaling system
  • Call train through TRN or Cab ID
  • Communicate with driver through Voice / Data messaging
  • Make a voice call to the train PA system
  • And more

RailHUB Interface Information

Train SystemInterface Availability
Train RadioYes
Signaling SystemYes
TETRA SystemYes
On-board PA & PIS (via WiFi)Yes
Central ClockYes
Central PIS & CCTVYes
Telephone InterconnectYes

Our train dispatcher provides wireless communication for management of metro operations at a mission critical level. It is essential that communications stays online between every staff in operation and establish communication to passengers as needed.

It is imperative that railroad dispatch communication consoles software are well designed to sustain operations and maintain safety in public transport sectors.

Wide Control

Affirm better control over any operational front with our dispatch console to manage the staff, contractor, and passenger.


RailHUB solution helps operators to do effective and efficient voice, data and video dispatching without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Emergency Management

RailHUB design aids management of emergency situations in an intuitive manner and it has been successfully deployed on many Metro projects in the ASEAN region.

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