Automatic Location Tracking System (ALTS)

ALTS is a Real-Time Positioning System; a solution that provides seamless indoor and outdoor tracking of personnel and assets at its core. The data collected from locating the personnel and assets is processed by our engine to create meaningful information to help businesses and organizations improve their operations.

ALTS Basic Features

ALTS product is designed to make communication much more seamless between the dispatcher and on-ground workers through the following features:

  • Dashboard to access detailed reports and monitor live location status of personnel and assets
  • Geo-fence(s) can be set up to create virtual zone(s) which can be displayed on the map to detect personnel in the area
  • Personnel and assets can be tracked visually on a map
  • Alert page to show the list and history of alerts
  • And more

ALTS Platform

The key innovation of ALTS is diversity. The solution’s platform is designed to integrate with various kind of communication methods and IoT devices to centralize the data. We want to help companies fully utilize their existing assets e.g. A company is only using their radio for communication purposes but they can actually turn on the GPS function on their radio devices and we will be able to track them.

ALTS provides wireless communication for management of large operations at a mission critical level. It is essential that communications stays online between every staff in operation and understand the location of your staff.

A reliable system that lets us know the whereabouts of our staff is key to ensuring the safety of our operations.

Wide Control

Affirm better control over any operational front with the knowledge of everyone’s whereabout.


ALTS is designed to work with various technologies. So in a sense, we are hardware and technology agnostic and able to provide greater flexibility for your requirements.

Emergency Management

ALTS design aids management of emergency situations in an intuitive manner and it has been successfully deployed on many projects in the ASEAN region.

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