Global Coverage Walkie Talkie Service

That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you. Our solution – MPTT platform provides global range Walkie Talkie Push-to-Talk communication for your operations (which means Singapore Islandwide coverage). The best part is – we don’t even want you to pay for it (at the start at least). We are encouraging people to trial the platform first before committing to the service.

push to talk walkie talkie system

How do we achieve global range communications?

Through the Internet! Our cloud-hosted platform solution connects our application and dispatchers over cellular network (broadband). As long as you have internet connection, you can instantly communicate to people and instantly receive communication.

push to talk walkie talkie setup

I already have a Walkie Talkie Radio Comms System.

Our solution can be deployed onto existing systems as well! If you already have a TETRA radio network, we can provide a bridge to integrate our platform to provide communication between your existing field radios and our application & dispatcher.

Otherwise, if you do not have an existing communication system; our platform is simple to install. Just download and login to use our application on your phones or walkie talkies and open up a browser to access the dispatcher!

How will this benefit me?

  • Cheaper cost than your traditional radio systems (TETRA, etc.)
  • Workers will only need to carry 1 device for communication & other applications
  • Ensure worker safety with smart alerts (Man-down, Lone-worker, etc.)
  • Longer range coverage
  • Affordable backup communication in case of main communication failure
  • Simple installation and instant deployment

Types of Walkie Talkie Communications for Operations

TETRA, DMR, etc.3g, 4g, ltelicense-free, pmr
High Cost Low Cost Lowest Cost
Coverage range based on base stations & repeaters Global coverage on cloud platform Shorter range generally
On-Premise Solution On-Cloud & On-Premise Solution Local Solution
Walkie Talkies and infrastructures required Walkie Talkies is optional Walkie Talkies is required
Good for Mission-Critical Operations Good for Business-Critical Operations Good for recreation or budget business operations

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