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Drone Detection System

Drone Detection Sensor

Our Radio Frequency (RF) sensors work by detecting the radio signals emitted from the drone. They can be used to detect the presence of a drone and also to determine its location.

Drone Tracking Tag

Drone tracking tags are small devices that can be attached to a drone to track its movements and location. They can be attached to drones that are non-compliant or does not emit any Radio Frequency.

Drone Monitoring & Analytics

The process of collecting and analyzing data from drones to gain insights and make better decisions. This data can include information on the drone's flight path, speed, altitude, and other relevant parameters.

Indoor Tracking System

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Our system operates on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. We adopted the BLE technology for our Indoor Tracking Solution as it consumes lesser power, simple to deploy and low in cost, which removes the barrier to entry for companies that wishes to explore Indoor Tracking.

Tracking Tags

The indoor tracking tags can come in various form factors, e.g. lanyard tag, wrist tag, etc. As long as the BLE technology is imbued in the device and sending out BLE signals at a regular interval for the gateways to pick up on. The tags will be carried by individuals as they move within the premise.


The gateways are installed in key locations to track the number of people within that zone at any given time. Gateways will pick up on the BLE signals from the tags and send the data to the cloud server to indicate that the individual is in this zone currently.

Indoor Tracking Application

User can access our web application remotely to monitor the movement of people within the premise and draw analytical conclusions e.g. peak hour for certain locations. Geo-fence features are available as well, whereby certain zones can be assigned to trigger alerts upon detecting a presence for use cases such as preventing people from entering a prohibited zone.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Temperature Sensors

Our system utilizes Digital Temperature Sensors with temperature monitoring range between -200 to +800°C that are designed to transmit temperature reading data to the edge device. The sensors are usually battery powered and wireless.

Edge Devices

The edge devices functions as both a Gateway and Datalogger. It receives the temperature reading data from the sensors and uploads it to the cloud server, it can also store data locally to push the data back online if there is a loss of connection to the cloud server.

Temperature Monitoring Application

The temperature data will go through computation and processing on the cloud server and presented through a web application where users can access remotely to monitor and configure alerts for their temperature monitoring needs.