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MWI was established in January 2009 in Singapore. We build IoT products & softwares. For companies in Singapore.

Testimonials from MWI's AquaCare customers!

“As a farm manager, I have to worry about all the operations going on in the farm.

Managing my farmers, maintenance of the farm, ensuring that the fish grow healthily, liaising with the office for harvest date and quantity, and the list goes on.

One of my biggest headaches lies in managing the fishes’ mortality rate. Feeding schedule and ailment on fishes are easy to deal with, but the quality of the water is not something that we can observe with our naked eye.

AquaCare was able to alleviate my concerns for the water quality monitoring as I can easily receive alerts for deviation in the water quality for me to take remedy actions, and I can focus on my other tasks because of this.

I can generate report as needed which can be a big help in audits or if you are trying to apply for a Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) certification.”

– Soe Pyae Kyaw, Farm Manager

Testimonials from MWI's ThermoCare customers!


“After I harvest my fishes, I will store them in my Cold-room & Freezers. I do not have 24/7 personnel to standby monitoring my Cold-room’s condition. This poses a worry if any of my Cold-room or Freezer were down/malfunctioning.

During Festive Season I had a downtime of my Cold-room during second day of Chinese Lunar New Year. ThermoCare System immediately alert me about the Cold-room’s Temperature spike.

Thanks to ThermoCare System I immediately informed the Cold-room supplier to rush down to investigate and mitigate my Cold-room Temperature issue.

If not for ThermoCare System, I could have lost a million dollar worth of Frozen-Fish Stocks during that incident on Chinese Lunar New Year.”

– Evonne Chow, Coldroom Operation Executive

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