Best IoT Platform for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Applications

Features designed for the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry

IoT Platform Features

audit log

Audit Logs

All electronically stored records have an audit trail to ensure traceability as a critical component of compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

alert configuration

Alert Configuration

Thresholds to trigger alerts are configurable to every type of environment and equipment. Settings such as delay to alerts and repeating alerts are available.

alert notification

Alert Notification

Alert notifications can be send over several platforms such as email or mobile notification. Escalation feature is available.

alert records

Alert Records

Users can acknowledge alerts, insert comments, and select remedy actions. All of these information are recorded and retrievable.

remote access

24/7 Remote Access

Access our platform on cloud from anywhere at anytime as long as you are connected to the internet.

group management

Group Management

Ability to group your users, devices, and locations for neat housekeeping. Easily locate the user who is responsible for a certain device or location.

report generation

Report Generation

Option to manually download data logs from the platform or schedule reports to multiple email addresses. Summary reports & individual sensor reports are available.


Bespoke Features

We provided customized features and services for every customers’ varying needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements!

IoT for Healthcare

Automate Paperwork, Focus on Patients

For medical staff, paperwork has always been a disruption to providing better care for the patients. Unfortunately, administrative paperwork is just as important as delivering healthcare services.

By utilizing IoT devices effectively, time can be saved by automating paperwork so medical staff can focus on giving the best care to patients.

E.g. sensors placed inside drug fridges will send regular updates on status of the fridges, so staff do not have to check on the fridges frequently.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Shortage of healthcare workers and facilities is a global phenomenon and there is no solution in the near future for this issue. We turn to technology to digitize healthcare services, to effectively transform a patient’s home into a remote ward.

IoT wearables that comes with several sensors, are able to relay information such as their heart rates and position to the internet. Healthcare professionals will be able to remotely monitor their patients’ conditions through the wearables.

Benefits of IoT Platform

Device Agnostic

MWI’s IoT Platform supports device integration across multiple brands and technologies.

Our IoT platform is able to integrate with IoT sensors and gateways from different brand into a singular system. Which means our users can easily switch out their hardware depending on their circumstances.

This is because we designed our platform to integrate with open standards communication protocols that are widely used across the IoT industry.


Add new devices to the platform seamlessly!

Our IoT platform is designed to scale with the businesses’ operations. As a business grows and they require more sensors, an IoT platform should allow devices to be easily added onto the platform.

There is no restriction on the type of sensors that can be added to the platform. We have hospitals that started with monitoring temperature only and later on expanded to monitoring power and humidity.

Data Management

Organize and secure handling of data.

In a world where data is invaluable, we implemented necessary security measures on our cloud platform such as regular password change and 2FA to secure clients’ data.

With a 24/7 uptime for our cloud platform, users can effortlessly access, view, and download the data from our web portal.

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