Indoor Positioning

Technology to enable Singapore Reopening

Indoor Positioning to advance progress for Singapore Reopening.

Singapore has invested an innumerable amount of effort in assisting the people to tide over the difficult times brought about by COVID-19 and is doing the same to ease into reopening. Amidst the countless measures implemented by the government, technology has proven pivotal in improving the COVID-19 resilience. Malls, facilities, and workplaces have reopened with Safe Entry in place to perform Contact Tracing.

The motivation for the government to tap on Technology to prevent the spread of COVID-19 comes from:

  • Lower manpower requirements
  • Minimize social contact
  • Convenience for the people
  • Data collection

As government is putting heavy emphasis on Contact Tracing, most COVID-19 solutions should perform some level of Contact Tracing. There are already several solutions in place such as Safe Entry, TraceTogether, and Facial Recognition Temperature Scanner to facilitate some of the reopening in Singapore.

We want to discuss Indoor Positioning as a key technology to warrant a safe reopening for the rest of the nation.

With Indoor Positioning, we can understand users’ journey within Indoor Premises and generate heatmap to identify peak hours of different location within Indoor Premises. This can be done as Indoor Positioning captures the data of the user throughout his/her entire duration within the Premise while SafeEntry only captures the data of when the user enter or exit the Premise.

Indoor Positioning can be complemented with existing measures to improve the accuracy of the data captured for better decision making. Accurate data capturing provides a better insight for Safety Management, Operations Productivity, and Return-on-Investment.

E.g. When a COVID-19 case is confirmed in a factory, the whole factory would have to shut down resulting in a huge loss of revenue. But with better accuracy in tracking workers within the factory, only certain areas visited by the COVID-19 infected worker will have to cease operations. The rest of the factory can still operate and mitigate the losses.

Our Indoor Positioning utilizes the same BLE technology that the Government has implemented for the TraceTogether application. No real surprises here as the BLE technology is simple to use and cost effective; enabling the acceleration towards a full reopening in Singapore.

There are several other factors asides from the safety and healthcare of the nation that is pushing the Government to reopen Singapore.

COVID took away the core essence for many aspects in the society. Using education as an example, it is meaningful for students to go to school physically for classes and to play. However, with the introduction of home-based learning, children are growing up in a situation where going to school is just about education. There’s no play, and play is so important in growing up.

With the reasons above, we believe that there will be a rise in adoption of the Indoor Positioning technology to complement or replace the existing technologies to aid Singapore in its Reopening.


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