BLE 5.1 Indoor Positioning System

Achieve Indoor Positioning System with accuracy of less than
one meter using BLE 5.1 Angle of Arrival technology

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Indoor Positioning System

The BLE technology is renowned and utilized for most proximity solutions, due to its simplicity for implementation, and low cost. The energy efficient wireless technology allows BLE beacons to operate on a tiny battery for potentially years, which makes the technology ideal for Indoor Positioning System.

BLE 5.1 Angle of Arrival (AoA)

BLE traditionally rely on Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) and Trilateration to calculate the position of the subject. Most Indoor Positioning System vendors in the market are providing BLE solution.

BLE 5.1 AoA utilizes Triangulation in addition to the former concepts mentioned for BLE. The AoA positioning algorithm reads incoming waves from unique direction, and calculate the position of the subject based on the angle from where the subject is transmitting the signal. This improves the accuracy of the position-reading up to ten folds, achieving an average accuracy of 0.1 – 0.5 meters.

Refer to the illustration to understand the concept of Triangulation for Indoor Positioning.

indoor positioning system angle of arrival diagram

BLE Technology Comparison

Indoor Positioning SystemsBluetooth Low Energy RSSIBluetooth Low Energy Angle of Arrival
Average Accuracy5 ~ 10 m0.1 ~ 0.5 m
Gateway CostLowMedium
Tag CostLowLow
Gateway IoT capabilitiesNoYes
ProtocolGateway BT 4.0+, Tag BT 4.0+Gateway BT 5.1, Tag BT 4.0+
Sales ModelSaaS Product, Enterprise SolutionEnterprise Solution

Term Clarification: BLE = Bluetooth Low Energy RSSI | AoA = Bluetooth Low Energy Angle of Arrival

AoA technology provides a pinpoint level of tracking down to <1m and BLE technology provides a proximity level of tracking between the range of 5 – 10m. Match the right solution to your need with the information above, a one-size-fits-all Indoor Positioning System does not exist. No Indoor Positioning Solution can be designed to conform with all requirements as there are too many complications – i.e., can you afford to estimate your subject’s indoor position? what’s your budget?

Indoor Positioning: Zonal Tracking

If you do not require the sub-meter level kind of indoor tracking accuracy – the BLE Zonal solution would be more suitable for you.

It is a non-complex, easy to install, and quick to launch solution.

Our subscription package provides the: online platform license, tags, and gateways.

The gateways will pick up the signals from the tags within its range and identify all the tags within its range.

indoor positioning zonal tracking

Indoor Positioning: Pinpoint Tracking

If a sub-meter level kind of indoor tracking accuracy is required – the AoA Precise Tracking would be needed.

The gateways must be mounted at a considerable height from the ground for wider coverage area.

Antennas on the gateway will pick up the signals from the tags within the coverage area and the angle that the signal is arriving from.

From the received signal, we are able to calculate the precise position of the tag and reflect them on screen.

indoor positioning pinpoint tracking

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