inSite – Indoor Positioning

inSite, our new indoor positioning solution provides indoor tracking of personnel and assets at its core. The information that comes from locating the personnel and assets fulfills the purpose of this solution – Workplace Safety and Efficiency.

inSite’s list of features

    • Administration
    • Virtual Zoning
    • Alerts
    • Mapping
    • Point of Interest

inSite is a tool to facilitate the management of the workforce; meaning that as long there is a group of employees working under the same roof, inSite will be relevant for the situation. Factories, offices, event venues and even the gym can benefit from implementing inSite. The key innovation of inSite is diversity. We are able to address the many pain points faced by many companies with the information collected from indoor tracking; if an emergency happens, we are able to locate and deploy the nearest employees to handle the situation. And that is just an example use case for inSite.

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General Pricing Outline for inSite

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