Food & Hotel Asia Experience!

Our exhibition at Food & Hotel Asia 2022 has been a fulfilling experience for MWI.

We would like to thank everyone that has came down to witness our Temperature Monitoring Solution in action!


This year’s Food & Hotel Asia was its first come back since the pandemic so having the opportunity to finally meet our customers physically is something we much appreciate as it shares a deeper bond with being able to clarify any of their needs & doubts. As well as creating new relationships with other clients & partners to further expand our connections & working together to serve the people better & more efficiently. Something that we are definitely looking forward to in the near future!


Our Personal Experience

Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) –  Singapore’s biggest
B2B trade show, is back physically for the first time since the onset of the pandemic. An event that’s been in the talks and looked forward to by businesses and consumers.

Down at MWI’s booth, we were able to provide a demo of our solution and live results on our Dashboard with sensors that are deployed in FHA itself to demonstrate the capability of our signals strength despite the crowd and booths around the area.

Taking this opportunity to our advantage by meeting up with our clients and potential partners from all around the world expands our knowledge of  also benefits us to learn more about their products and services.


About Mohd Fitri

Fitri handles the sales & marketing in MWI. By using his background in media production & skillsets, he converts leads into customers and also produces marketing videos featuring our customers on YouTube @MWINTL.