Drone Laws in Singapore

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Singapore does not ban drone flights in general, but there are strict rules and regulations to follow.

Drone Laws in Singapore

Drone flights are not allowed in certain dangerous, protected, or restricted areas without a Class 2 activity permit.

Visit the OneMap website for more details on the established no-fly zones in Singapore.

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Drones tips & tricks in Singapore

1. Follow Civil Aviation of Authority Singapore

They set the rules and regulations for drones in Singapore.
It is always a good idea to check out their website from time to time.

2. Understand Alternative terms for Drones

Good knowledge to have, the words can usually be used interchangeably.

UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UA = Unmanned Aircraft
RPA = Remotely Piloted Aircraft
UAS = Unmanned Aircraft System

3. Total Weight of Drones

The rules and regulations are applied based on the total weight of the drone, which includes peripheral devices such as a camera.

Weight of Drone: 249g
Weight of Add-on Camera: 50g
Total Weight of Drone: 249g + 50g = 299g

So the drone have to follow the regulations of drones in weight class above 250g.

4. Drones under 250 grams

Why are drones under 250 grams appealing?
Because most of the drone regulations does not apply to drones with a total weight of under 250 grams.

5. Flying under 200ft / 60m

Fly drones below 60m to avoid interfering with other air traffic such as low-flying aircraft.
This number refers to altitude above mean sea level and not to flight height: if your drone takes off from a hilltop 30m above sea level, it should not be flying more than 30m above its takeoff point!

6. Using Drones for Business

Regardless of how often the company will be flying the drone, make sure to have the following:

1. Registration of Drone with CAAS
2. Operator must possess a UAPL
3. Apply for the necessary permits

Avoid getting into trouble with the authorities, it is not worth saving a few bucks.


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