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Technology’s role in COVID-19 (Singapore)

What if COVID-19 is actually the calm before the storm?

Just kidding, so far nothing is confirmed with regards to whether COVID-19 is indeed the Disease X that the World Health Organization established back in 2018.

Even if there is a worse disease following COVID-19, the valuable lessons learnt from the world’s current pandemic situation would help us better prepare for future […]

Product versus Solution

Before we proceed, just a disclaimer that the following writeup includes personal sharing from myself (Silver Maknae William) asides from facts and figures.

When I first started doing digital marketing in the IT industry, I’m flipping through all these webpages from other IT solution companies and I noticed the recurring appearance of the term “Product” and “Solution” on their websites. I […]

Radio vs Cellular network

Remember the days when our traditional radio communication was discovered, it opened so many doors to business operations. We are able to communicate without wires, and that was a huge thing.

But just like how PS5 is going to take over PS4’s position, Cellular wireless communication is taking over and the traditional Radio will soon be obsolete. Well there will still […]

How does Tracking Technology work?

Tracking people or asset is easier said than done.

Here’s a breakdown on the process for tracking technology:

The physical part of tracking are done by hardwares – IoT devices in essence. Devices like CCTVs or your mobile phones are doing the actual tracking- through various kinds of technologies. Here’s a list of technologies that can do location tracking:

Global Positioning System (GPS)Wireless […]

Does Tracking Technology invade our privacy?

Most of us have probably used Google Maps to navigate to our destination and that right there is a Tracking Technology.

Most people don’t even know that they are being tracked for the services that they are using e.g. Google Maps utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver on your mobile phones to track you and send you your location […]

Digital Marketing.

What I’m about to share here is my first hand experience at doing digital marketing – a tragic fairy tale.

I’ve took modules relating to Digital Marketing in school and I was so excited to venture into the industry. I can’t wait to publish my first post for my company with my awesome contents and generate all the traffic to our […]

How to manage a team?

A fresh fish supplier that we are working closely with once asked “Is there a way to improve productivity among my staffs?”.

To which, we have no immediate answers. We have some solutions here and there but nothing really to address his issues. Hence, we ponder upon the root of his problems. Was it a lack of motivation for his staffs? […]

Adapting to New Normal

At Metropolitan Wireless International, we are constantly evolving to provide modern solutions to the ever-changing problems of the world. Especially through Indoor Positioning and Mass Communication.

The world is transitioning into a “new normal” due to the COVID-19 pandemic and this brings about new issues which will require modern solutions. Thankfully, we are able to utilize technological advances to […]

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