MWI Hardware Warranty Terms & Conditions for IoT deployment

MWI provides quality assurance for purchased devices for 12 months from the date of delivery. The warranty is limited to the warranty period established for the devices due to the manufacturer’s fault or obvious defects.

Exceptions and cases not covered by warranty:

        •    Devices or their parts (enclosures, wires, seal, etc.) are mechanically damaged.

        •    Improper installation, maintenance, and operation in accordance with conditions specified in the product user guide.

        •    Electronics parts damaged because of the water logging. Waterlogged inside the device (the device was flooded)

        •    Devices were remodelled, changed, or repaired by persons not authorized by MWI.

        •    Devices damaged because of high electricity surge (this is not applicable for battery devices)

        •    Devices damaged because of external sensor / external product fault / faulty connections.

        •    Any damages because of the logistics company/shipping process are not covered.

        •    Any other Physical damages on the product are not covered.

The replacement part provided will be a standard out-of-factory part that does not come with customer’s modified requirements including but not limited to:

        •    ISO Certification

        •    Additional installation components (brackets, etc.)

Replacement Service

In the case of faulty devices, it is necessary to inform MWI Technical Support Team by e-mail to

MWI will only cover for travel expenses and labor if due diligence is done on customer end to ensure that fault did not occur due to external interference including but not limited to:

        •    Tampering with hardware

        •    WiFi router malfunction

        •    Introduction of new obstacle between sensors to gateway

        •    Hardware shifted from original position

Otherwise, travel expenses and labor are chargeable. We encourage customers to resolve issues via remote support as much as possible.