Radio vs Cellular network

Remember the days when our traditional radio communication was discovered, it opened so many doors to business operations. We are able to communicate without wires, and that was a huge thing.

But just like how PS5 is going to take over PS4’s position, Cellular wireless communication is taking over and the traditional Radio will soon be obsolete. Well there will still be specific uses for the traditional Radio network but most communications will be done through Cellular network.

So why are companies transitioning from traditional Radio to Cellular communications for their businesses?

There are a lot of answers to that question as Cellular network offers a number of desirable features that’s absent in the traditional Radio network, so let’s look at the requirements from a business perspective.

As companies generate profits, their business will only continue to grow. Hence, their business communication solution must be able to cover wider and longer distances and cellular technology is more ideal for this situation.

Cellular network generally has a broader coverage than an average Radio network and usually, you will have to set up your own Radio network as opposed to just using an available Cellular network provided by another party (Telco Companies etc.) So it would make sense to establish communication through Cellular network than to set up a Radio network for each of your business location for your business communication.

For companies that runs mission critical operations such as the police, are already in the midst of transitioning from traditional Radio communication to Cellular network communication – more specifically for the use of 5G mobile network.

This is because of the assured Quality of Service (QoS) provided by the 5G networks which ensures that your communication are of the lowest latency with high volume of data transfer rate. Basically there will be absolutely no loss of communication if you are using 5G network as opposed to 3G/4G/Radio network that may experience higher latency. And this is of utmost importance for mission critical operations where communications cannot be lost for even a moment.

So for those reasons and situations, Cellular network are slowly taking over and companies are looking to transition over to using communication solutions that operates over Cellular network.

We understand that there are people who are so used to and comfortable with the ways of the traditional Radio network but they don’t want to lose out on the benefits of the Cellular network as well.

For such companies, our solution – LINX PTT works and feels like the traditional Radio network but it actually runs over the Cellular network which is great for helping these companies transit from the traditional Radio network to Cellular network.

You can learn more about LINX PTT here.


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