Business Critical Push to Talk over Cellular Application Singapore


In partnership with SafeMobile; we present LINX – Push for More than Push-to-Talk.

LINX is a Push-to-Talk over Cellular platform that provides both a mobile application and dispatcher depending on customer needs.

The cloud solution looks like an mobile application, works like a traditional radio and it costs a fraction of the price of traditional radio.

LINX can be installed across virtually any devices ranging from talk-pod to your very own mobile phones.

Truly a great tool to optimize improve operational workflows for team management, workforce tracking and virtually any organization that needs to manage teams from anywhere. Especially with the introduction of 5G technology.


Push for More than

Push to Talk

Connect your teams, keep them safe, and power productivity with LINX.

LINX Mobile Application Features

Push-to-Talk & VoIP

GPS Tracking

Text Messaging & File Sharing

SOS Button

Man-Down / Lone Worker Alert

LINX Dispatcher Features

Push-to-Talk & Voice Dispatch

Asset Tracking & Dispatch

Alarms & Alerts

Text Messaging & File Sharing

Zones & Landmarks

Route History

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