Keep your workplace safe and improve employee productivity

In partnership with SafeMobile; we present LINX – Push for More than Push-to-Talk.

LINX is a mass communication solution that consist of push-to-talk (PTT) and PC dispatching.

The beauty behind our application is other various features that comes along with the PTT function for team management and help your teams collaborate more efficiently regardless of their location. LINX can be installed across virtually any devices ranging from talk-pod to your very own mobile phones.

Truly a great tool to optimize improve operational workflows for team management, workforce tracking and virtually any organisation that needs to manage teams.

Push for More than Push-to-Talk

Connect your teams, keep them safe, and power productivity with LINX.


LINX Mobile Application

Operation Staffs’ best communication application with the following features:

  • PTT & VoIP
  • Text Messaging & File Sharing
  • SOS Alarm Button
  • Man-down / Lone Worker Alert
  • GPS Tracking

LINX Dispatcher

Web Administrators can monitor operations through our web-based platform with the following features:

  • PTT & Voice Dispatch
  • Messaging & File Sharing
  • Asset Tracking & Dispatch
  • Unit History
  • Zones & Landmarks
  • Alarms & Alerts
  • Analytics & Reports



Alternatively you can contact us at

+65 9127 4586