MWI’s IoT Platform Information

IoT Platform Architecture

Please download our IoT Platform Architecture file to understand how our system works.

MWI’s IoT Platform offers a large suite of features and functionalities to support the various business operations.

Unless otherwise stated, customers will be under MWI’s Basic IoT Platform Subscription.

Basic IoT Platform Subscription:

        •    24/7 viewing of live data feed

        •    Alert configuration (thresholds, notification timings, delays, etc.)

        •    Manual exporting/downloading of data and alarm history log

        •    Data storage up to 24 months

        •    1 Group

        •    1 User account

        •    Up to 5 alert recipients via email or Telegram

There will be additional charges for additional features (on top of the basic subscription fees).

List of additional features:

        •    Additional groups (every group comes with 1 User account + 5 alert recipients via email or Telegram)

        •    Additional user accounts

        •    Additional alert recipients via email or Telegram

        •    Alert notification via SMS, WhatsApp, and Voice Call

        •    Automated scheduled report to email (daily, weekly, monthly)