Unified Message Switch (UMS)

umsUMS, our flag ship product, facilitates communications between diverse networks, be it wired or wireless, using techniques and protocols that are appropriate for communication with end-to-end devices. It provides all the interfacing capability you require in connecting your applications with external sub-systems. The key innovation of the UMS is transparency. It facilitates seamless information exchange between diverse networks using diverse protocols. If you need to contact someone, the UMS will negotiate the medium and provide a channel of delivery using whatever method is most appropriate; be it SMS, email, picture, video or fax. No matter which data format, the UMS will convert the message into a form that the recipient communication device can manipulate to suit the end device needs.

The Unified Message Switch is a core component of our vertical solution for the transport industry, the Communications HUB, a control centre application that aids management of day-to-day operations as well as co-ordinate emergency situations. The Communications HUB has been customized for the three (3) major verticals – Metro Rail (RailHUB), Police Operations (PoliceHUB) and Airport (AirHUB).