Our comprehensive Temperature, Humidity and Electricity Monitoring-System, or ThermoCare, uses IoT (Internet of Things) Technology. Our ThermoCare System provides our clients Real-Time feedback for their status for Temperature, Humidity, or also Electricity. Temperature be it for the fluctuation of temperature, same goes to the fluctuation for the Humidity, while Electricity be it for the consumption of Electricity.

3 Amazing Capability

Comply with 3 awesome features to
monitor your Temperature | Humidity | Electricity needs.



  • Measuring Temperature range from -40 Degree Fahrenheit to 125 Degree Celsius.
  • Wireless Portable Temperature Sensor, monitor without heavy installation such as pairing power connection.
  • Battery Powered Temperature Sensor, long lasting power of more than 2 year+.
  • Each Temperature Sensor consist of additional Temperature sensor, for double accuracy cross-checking Temperature Readings.



  • Measuring Humidity range from 0 Percent to 80 Percent Relative Humidity.
  • Wireless Portable Humidity Sensor, monitor without heavy installation such as pairing power connection.
  • Battery Powered Humidity Sensor, long lasting power of more than 2 year+.
  • Each Humidity Sensor are also comes with 2 Temperature sensor, mentioned on the left “Temperature” section. Thus achieving multi-sensor functionality.


  • Measuring AC Apparent Power, AC Real power* and AC VRMS voltage (when AC-AC voltage adapter is connected)
  • Support single-phase CT current sensor inputs (100A / 24KW @ 240V max).
  • Support high sensitivity single-phase CT current sensor input channel (18.8A / 4.5KW @ 240V max)
  • Single AC-AC adapter can power the unit and provide AC voltage measurement.
  • Optional 3x AA battery powered mode.

Applications of Use

Our ThermoCare system can be used in 3 monitoring environment for the Temperature, Humidity, and Electricity. Notable Applications includes:

  • Cold-rooms, Freezers (Standing/Chest), Chillers.
  • Wine/Chocolate Storage Facility, Wine Chillers, Fridges, Refrigerators.
  • Agriculture facilities such as the modern Vertical-Farming.
  • Main Circuit Board Switch or Various Electrical Power Point.
  • Monitor Temperature Abnormality.
  • Monitor Humidity level drop.
  • Monitor Electricity Abnormality such as power tripped/surge.

3 Simple Steps for your Ultimate Remote Monitoring

Step 1

Setup & Install our ThermoCare System at your premises. Then download & configure our SenseMap app to your Mobile Smartphone.

Step 2

Our ThermoCare System will constantly monitor your premises, while you can also browse at your SenseMap app to see Real-Time current monitoring sensor outputs.

Step 3

When Temperature increases, Humidity drops, or Electricity usage spike, our ThermoCare System will alert you through Push-Notifications in your Mobile Smartphone. Thus you can take necessary actions to save your precious Stocks/Electricity-Consumption level.


Technologies & Brands

The Technologies we implemented in our ThermoCare System as well as the Brands we carry and used.


AWS, Amazon Web Service

Our Cloud-based Solution-Partner. MWI is an AWS Partner Network (APN) member for AWS.


Mobile Smartphones Support

Our ThermoCare System’s Sensemap app runs on both Android & iOS Environment.


Raspberry Pi | Arduino

We chose the industry most popular 2 board manufacturer Raspberry Pi & Arduino for our ThermoCare sensor.


433Mhz RF Radio

Our ThermoCare Temperature & Humidity sensor are equipped with 433Mhz Wireless RF. Which provides the ability to penetrate Metal/Concrete/Wooden walls.


In addition to our ability to give you Real-Time Temperature/Humidity/Electricity monitoring feeds and alert you when abnormality happens, we also provide features to visualize the long-term monitoring feeds which occurs hours/days/ weeks/months/and even years. Our goal is to let you Analyze the long-term monitoring feeds, and realize the Trends of abnormality occurring rates. Thus you can made Predictive measures based on these analyzed monitoring feeds.

Cold-room Temperature Monitoring

Standing Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Chest Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Electricity Sensor (Up to 4 sensing node).

Electricity Sensor (Up to 14 sensing node).

After I harvest my fishes, I will store them in my Cold-room & Freezers.
Often times I do not have 24/7 personnel to standby monitoring my Cold-room’s condition.
This poses a worry if any of my Cold-room or Freezer were down/malfunctioning.
During Festive Season I had a downtime of my Cold-room during second day of Chinese Lunar New Year.
ThermoCare System immediately alert me about the Cold-room’s Temperature spike.
Thanks to ThermoCare System I immediately informed the Cold-room supplier to rush down to investigate and mitigate my Cold-room Temperature issue.
If not because of ThermoCare System, during that incident of Chinese Lunar New Year I could have lost A Million worth of Frozen-Fish Stocks.


Evonne Chow

Coldroom Operation Executive.
The Fish Farmer Pte. Ltd.


AVA Singapore requires the food supplier to keep Temperature records and also to guarantee the accuracy & Consistency of Temperature Readings at all time.

So our answer was to install a Secondary Temperature Sensor alongside the Primary one, in order to Cross-Check both the Temperature sensor to get the relative Temperature Readings.

In addition, we always only use no leak Lithium Batteries in our Temperature/Humidity Sensor in Frozen/Chilled environment, to guarantee Food Safety Grade, as inspected by AVA Singapore.