Track Sanitation Workers in Singapore

Sanitize with a peace of mind

Sanitation services need help coordinating and staying in contact with many teams in multiple locations. Our platform consists of a mobile app and dispatch dashboard, so your team can talk and activate emergency resources at the simple push of a button.

“Our sanitation workers are usually uncontactable when they are doing work and it can be frustrating when communication is lost during critical situations. We have to keep track of where they are and the amount of jobs completed in real time.”

Real Time Management

Portable CCTV

Monitor operations and quickly resolve any problems that arise.

Prevent any mishaps from happening to your worker with Lone-Worker alert.

We want to prevent delays in response as much as possible.

More Insights

Run reports to identify operational inefficiencies, promote expediency within your teams, reduce idle time and costs.

Make informed decisions to improve productivity and get return on investment.

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