Product versus Solution

Product versus Solution

Before we proceed, just a disclaimer that the following writeup includes personal sharing from myself (Silver Maknae William) asides from facts and figures.

When I first started doing digital marketing in the IT industry, I’m flipping through all these webpages from other IT solution companies and I noticed the recurring appearance of the term “Product” and “Solution” on their websites. I never understood the need for a “Solution” webpage when all I had to promote was my company’s product and I thought the terms could be used interchangeably.

Product vs Solution

Simple example – a hat is a product with the following features:

  • An Apparel
  • Can function as a shade for your eyes against bright sunlight
  • Keeps your hair in place

And the solutions provided by the hat would be something like these:

  • Show off your Fashion sense at a party with this hat
  • Survival hat for the desert
  • Play sports with this hat to prevent messy hair afterwards

A Product has a set of features / functions that defines what it does but it lacks a purpose and does not address any issues. Say we have a whistle, we can blow into it and a loud sharp sound would be made. But nobody’s gonna buy this whistle just because it made a loud sharp sound.

But if we show that it can be applied in real life scenarios such as blowing the whistle to alert everyone at the swimming pool that someone is drowning, then suddenly we are able to sell it as safety whistle for life guards at swimming pool.

What I’m trying to get across is – a product could be really good with amazing features and functions but if we are unable to get the use-case of the product across to our audience, they wouldn’t feel the need nor develop the desire to purchase the product. Hence, a solution is important in bringing the product to life!

And of course I hope the difference between Product and Solution is made clear.

Product is a good or service or a combination of both that has its own set of features offered by a company.

Solution is the application of the Product to address an issue or specific industry needs for the business owners. This provides an ongoing value for the customers.

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