• Top 5 reasons for Food Safety Audit Failure. Number 5 will shock you!

    It takes a hero to fail the Food Safety Audit, but heroes arise from time to time due to an oversight from one of the following reasons below. Number 1: Reacting instead of Preventing The purpose of the Food Safety Audit is not to test a business’ reaction time to prepare for the audit, but rather to ensure that businesses are meeting […]

  • Temperature Monitoring for Food Safety Audit

    The annual event that keeps the food businesses on their toes, the Food Safety Audit (Especially for Temperature Monitoring). Managers receive the notice, Employees scramble to prepare documents for the audit, the Food Safety Officers visit, and they either pass the assessment or fail the test with a list of follow up actions to perform. Disclaimer; the following article is not […]

  • Singapore Electricity Price Surge

    If you are wondering about the sudden rise in your electricity bills over the last few months, it is because of the soaring electricity prices and fuel costs due to the normalization of working and learning from home. There has been a significant increase in power consumption as we are spending more time at home, and this is only natural. Certainly, […]

  • Seafood, Meat, & Vegetable temperature monitoring storage

    The precious food that we consume are perishable products that needs to be carefully stored at certain temperature range to prevent the food products from going bad and preserving its quality. If the food products are not stored at the right temperature range, it’s perishability could drastically increase. Food products that could be stored for months will only last a few […]

  • Datalogger vs Thermometer

    TLDR summary Datalogger Records temperature readingDoes not measure temperature Thermometer Does not record temperature readingMeasures temperature A Datalogger is tool designed to collate various data (temperature, humidity, etc.) over time and they are generally open to interface with 3rd party software to provide value added services such as alert notification or presenting a visual feed of the real time temperature reading from the recorded readings. A […]

  • Indoor Positioning Accuracy

    How important is Accuracy in Indoor Positioning? There are many existing articles that compares various Indoor Positioning Technologies with regards to their Accuracy, Cost, etc. But few of them relates back to the actual business applications, operations or use cases. This post aims to address the point above, and why is Accuracy an important factor for Indoor Positioning. But first, we would […]