• Indoor Positioning Accuracy

    How important is Accuracy in Indoor Positioning? There are many existing articles that compares various Indoor Positioning Technologies with regards to their Accuracy, Cost, etc. But few of them relates back to the actual business applications, operations or use cases. This post aims to address the point above, and why is Accuracy an important factor for Indoor Positioning. But first, we would […]

  • Technology to enable Singapore Reopening

    Indoor Positioning to advance progress for Singapore Reopening. Singapore has invested an innumerable amount of effort in assisting the people to tide over the difficult times brought about by COVID-19 and is doing the same to ease into reopening. Amidst the countless measures implemented by the government, technology has proven pivotal in improving the COVID-19 resilience. Malls, facilities, and workplaces have […]

  • Technology’s role in COVID-19 (Singapore)

    What if COVID-19 is actually the calm before the storm? Just kidding, so far nothing is confirmed with regards to whether COVID-19 is indeed the Disease X that the World Health Organization established back in 2018. Even if there is a worse disease following COVID-19, the valuable lessons learnt from the world’s current pandemic situation would help us better prepare for future […]

  • Product versus Solution

    Before we proceed, just a disclaimer that the following writeup includes personal sharing from myself (Silver Maknae William) asides from facts and figures. When I first started doing digital marketing in the IT industry, I’m flipping through all these webpages from other IT solution companies and I noticed the recurring appearance of the term “Product” and “Solution” on their websites. I […]

  • Radio vs Cellular network

    Remember the days when our traditional radio communication was discovered, it opened so many doors to business operations. We are able to communicate without wires, and that was a huge thing. But just like how PS5 is going to take over PS4’s position, Cellular wireless communication is taking over and the traditional Radio will soon be obsolete. Well there will still […]

  • How does Tracking Technology work?

    Tracking people or asset is easier said than done. Here’s a breakdown on the process for tracking technology: The physical part of tracking are done by hardwares – IoT devices in essence. Devices like CCTVs or your mobile phones are doing the actual tracking- through various kinds of technologies. Here’s a list of technologies that can do location tracking: Global Positioning System (GPS)Wireless […]