How to manage a team?

How to manage a team?

A fresh fish supplier that we are working closely with once asked “Is there a way to improve productivity among my staffs?”.

To which, we have no immediate answers. We have some solutions here and there but nothing really to address his issues. Hence, we ponder upon the root of his problems. Was it a lack of motivation for his staffs? Or was it due to poor supervision?

After some research and brainstorming, we realize the answer was communication.

Communication is the key to solving the lack of delegation, inconsistency and many other aspects that could cause employee productivity to suffer.

Does that mean that all I have to do, is to establish Communication?

Like the radio communication system used by concert securities?

Well, communication can be a very broad term. There are so many types of communication and the radio communication system used by securities is just one of the many.

What we’re looking at is Team Management in essence.

There are countless industries that are running countless operations involving countless employees, and someone has to be responsible for them. We want to make life easier and ease the burden for this someone.

Through talking with several companies (how to manage a team), we came up with a list of common pain points the companies face when it comes to managing their employees:

  • Live Location of their employees
  • Reliable and Convenient communication to their employees
  • Ensuring the safety of their employees

Now what?

Now you just need to find out how to address the above issues to improve the productivity of employees and ultimately generate more revenue for your company.

The traditional way to manage a team would be to set up procedures and compliance to running operations to ensure that the issues above are taken care of. And for the most parts, these operations are able to continue running despite the manual labor inputs; such as having to call an employee to find out about his / her location.

Alternatively, you could employ our very own mass communication solution that comes with a bunch of features to help you in managing your teams.

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