Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing.

What I’m about to share here is my first hand experience at doing digital marketing – a tragic fairy tale.

I’ve took modules relating to Digital Marketing in school and I was so excited to venture into the industry. I can’t wait to publish my first post for my company with my awesome contents and generate all the traffic to our website and gaining publicity for my company.

But reality hit hard when I saw that my post was receiving zero to barely any views or attention at all. I thought to myself – “What did I do wrong? Maybe my content wasn’t good enough or sending the right message? Or maybe I’m not working hard enough on my Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?”. It was still too early to give up, so I went back to the drawing board and worked on new ideas to improve my content and SEO.

Even after several tries, the results was still really bad despite the slight improvements.

The KPIs I set for myself wasn’t being met, I’m unable to generate sales for my company, my girlfriend left me– I’m kidding about the girlfriend part but yes, things are looking quite bad as I have no idea for my next course of action.

I turn to Google for tips and advice for digital marketing when what I learned in class wasn’t doing the trick for me and I also looked at my competitors to see what they are doing right (well they are paying for ads so they are at the top of the Google Search Engine Result Page – SERP for short). I wasn’t willing to invest in ads as I’m still new to the field and not sure if I can guarantee the returns for my company so I’m only looking at organic results. As I was Googling and studying my competitors, a revelation hit me.

Do not try to sell the product, sell the use cases instead.

As I had only been relying on Google Trends, Keywords Analysis etc. I realized that those are A.I. after all. They provided knowledge (which is really helpful) but I needed experience. I took notice of the keywords that I am using for my digital marketing efforts and realized that my target audiences were too general.

Sales and Marketing goes hand in hand

I often times forgot to put myself in the consumers’ shoes as I was too focus on generating contents or designing the website or doing the SEO. Having a Sales mindset is the first step to reaching out to customers, what I was really trying to do was sell my product to a customer instead of trying to solve the customer’s problems.

I’m essentially trying to sell an Indoor Positioning system but it’s not about how amazing the features of my solution are but how the features are able to help solve my customers’ problems.

So I looked at people who would benefit most from my solution and formulated my marketing strategies towards these people instead of a wider general audience.

Yes, I understand that some products / solutions benefits almost everyone and you would want to sell that to everyone but think about who would benefit the most out of your products / solutions and focus on those people to get your first sales to establish yourself.

Back to Digital Marketing

If I learned anything at all from my experience in doing Digital Marketing, it’s that you have to build an absolute tenacity – fail fast, repeatedly and try again. Every digital marketing effort is just an attempt at success, there’s better a chance that you are going to fail at capturing people’s attention but you will always learn something new from those attempts.

Your success will come when you least expect it. I can come up with a well-thought out wonderful marketing strategy and it may still fail because it just turns out to not be what users are searching for. Whereas a half-baked marketing strategy may just be what users are interested in and I just gotta work from there.

The point is – Trends and People are ever-changing. There is no 100% guarantee in the success of a digital marketing campaign or strategy, as long as it works, it bloody works.

Silver Maknae
William Tam

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