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Construction Site Monitoring System

Imagine having to oversee and account for countless amount of lives in a hazardous environment that is the construction sites. That’s exactly what is required of a construction site supervisor; not only do they have to ensure operations continuity, but ensure the safety of his / her workers. Construction site accidents in Singapore is quite common.

“It is hard to account for so many workers. Locating them is a chore and there is always a huge time gap in trying to contact them. We are always worried that something might have happened to them.”

Construction Site Safety

See where your workers are

With our live map, you are able to do real time crowd sensing and monitor workers’ movements.

Instantly broadcast message to specific parties with our push-to-talk feature.

Yes, we want to help you and your construction sites’ supervisors to improve efficiency and productivity in your sites.

Worker Friendly

No new technology is involved in our solution, just run our application on existing devices.

Workers will be more than delighted to put on / carry lesser equipment for work.

Our alert features – Man-down, Lone Worker, etc. will ensure the safety of your worker regardless of whether he / she can call for help.

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