Senior Living Solution in Singapore

Assured communication for health workers

From check-in, to resident care, to emergency response, instant communication is essential to providing residents and their families the best possible experience. We equip health workers with the technologies to establish instant communication and fulfil their roles.

“Assisted Living is more than having health workers take care of the seniors. It is the entire process of bringing them from their homes to our facility and back to their homes where their safety has to be ensured at every moment.”

Full Communication Coverage

Instant Alerts

Make known of the predicament that your health workers may be in.

When emergency happens where multiple elderly is in the care of a single health workers, the worker may not be able to handle the situation alone.

We want to prevent delays in response as much as possible.

From Start to End

Elderlies are escorted from venue to venue due to their poor state of health and physical disabilities.

Track the escorting vehicles and monitor the Elderlies while they are on the road.

Prepare to respond to any emergency and re-route to the closest hospital.

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