Our comprehensive IoT Solution/Service to our clients Water-Quality Monitoring-System, or WQMS. Our WQMS System provides our clients Real-Time feedback to their AquaCulture needs, to prevent excessive fish kills, alert warnings to any potential water contamination, and water lack of oxygen or pH imbalanced during their fish productions.

Amazing Features

Comply with plenty of awesome features to
monitor your water quality needs.

Monitor up to 13 Parameters

Water Parameters, which includes Dissolved-Oxygen, pH level, ORP, Conductivity, Salinity, Turbidity, Total-Dissolved-Solids, Ammonia/Chloride/Nitrate, Temperature/Pressure/Density.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Save ample time in the field. With Auto-configuration & fast sensor response speeds up sampling, while automated data collection eliminates the need to manually record data into the field data logs.

Flexibility & Reliability

Flexible multiprobe works as spot-checks for low-flow sampling as well as long-term deployments. Reliable multiprobe made of Titanium construction and rugged cable connection provides reliability even in challenging conditions.

Simplicity at Ease

Setup our WQMS easily with telemetry system, then receives real-time data wirelessly via mobile app. Rugged probe with wet-mateable multiprobe sensor which requires minimal maintenance & calibration.

Signature Self-Cleaning System

Our WQMS multiprobe which featuring the industry 1st Anti-fouling Self-Cleaning Wiper system that cleans itself during long-term deployment. Which eliminates the need for manual cleaning of the probe.

Life-Stocks Saviour

Our WQMS has proven track-records in saving clients precious life-stocks, approximately Millions worth of fishes from our WQMS’s early detection warning alerts, such as low-D/O, imbalanced pH/Salinity/Conductivity etc.

Applications of use for Water-Quality includes to monitor our client’s Fish-Farm at Sea-Water Environment., also our WQMS works too in a Tank-Environment. Monitor Coastal/Beach area for potential water quality contamination, which will damage marine life near coastal/beach area. Also to monitor participants who conduct water-related activities near coastal/beach area, to prevent water contamination which will cause participants skin injury or health issues.


Applications of Use

Our WQMS system can be worked with both as a Long-Term Deployment, or being configured to be a Handheld solution for client to participate in water quality Spot-Checking activity. Notable mentioned on Applications includes:

  • Marine AquaCulture (Floating Barge/Cage).
  • In-Land AquaCulture (Pond/Tank System).
  • Surface water spot sampling & Telemetry.
  • Long-term Drinking water/Wastewater/Stormwater Monitoring.
  • Coastal/Beach area water quality monitoring.
  • Ground-water quality monitoring.
  • Drains/River water quality monitoring.

How our WQMS Works for You

The 3 steps process to Save-Guard your precious Life-Stocks.


Step 1

Setup & Install our WQMS Solution at your premises. Then download & configure our SenseMap app to your Mobile Smartphone.


Step 2

Our WQMS Solution will constantly monitor your premises, while you can also browse at your SenseMap app to see Real-Time current monitoring sensor outputs.


Step 3

In the event of water-parameters imbalanced, such as low Dissolved Oxygen level, imbalanced pH level, etc, our WQMS will alert you through Push-Notifications in your Mobile Smartphone. Thus you can take necessary actions to tackle the issues to save your precious Live-Stocks.

Technologies & Brands

The Technologies we implemented in WQMS as well as the Brands we carry and used.


AWS, Amazon Web Service

Our Cloud-based Solution-Partner. *We MWI are an AWS Partner Network (APN) member for AWS.


Mobile Smartphones Support

Our WQMS Sensemap app runs on both Android & iOS Environment.


In-Situ Inc

Our WQMS Multi-Parameter Sonde. *We MWI are an Authorized-Distributor for In-Situ Inc.


Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas S.L

Our WQMS Telemetry System-Partner


On top of our ability to give you Real-Time Water-Parameters monitoring feeds, as well as alert you when abnormality happens, we also give you a greater feature to visualize the long-term monitoring feeds which occurs hours/days/weeks/months/and even years. Our goal is to let you Analyze the long-term monitoring feeds, and realize the Trends of abnormality occurring rates. Thus you can made Predictive measures based on these analyzed monitoring feeds.

Approximately 2-5 times a day I had D/O (Dissolved-Oxygen) shortage in my Kelong.
As for Major D/O problems, in a year I could faced 2-4 times D/O shortage which if not with MWI’s WQMS Solution, my lost is approximately SGD$200,000 each per Major D/O problems.
Thus, MWI’s WQMS Solution had in total saved my Kelong’s Live-Stocks for almost a Million Dollar SGD each year, where the cost to have MWI’s WQMS is only just a fraction at a cost.


Ah Guan

Lim Chu Kang side
Floating-Sea Cage Fish-Farmer.