E2THMSOur comprehensive IoT Solution/Service for our clients Electrical-Energy, Temperature, and Humidity Monitoring-System, or E2THMS. Our E2THMS System provides our clients Real-Time feedback for their status for Electrical-Energy, Temperature, or also Humidity. Electrical-Energy be it for energy-consumption usage, temperature be it for the fluctuation of temperature, same goes to the fluctuation for the Humidity.

Applications of use for Electrical-Energy includes to monitor our client’s energy-consumption in Real-Time and also to generate Report for energy-consumption for a period of time. Thus the client can made justification on where to reduce their energy-consumption based on our E2THMS system Real-Time/Report findings data.

Applications of use for Temperature includes to monitor our client’s Fresh-Frozen food supply in their Cold-rooms/Chest-Freezers/Standing-Freezers/Commercial-Display-Freezers/Upright-Glassdoor-Display-Freezers, in Real-Time and also to generate Report. This Temperature monitoring system is especially critical to our client when their facility power tripped or lost power. Thus our temperature monitoring system will immediately alert our client with alert-notification for potential temperature rise indication.

Applications of use for Humidity includes to monitor our client’s Beverages and Agriculture storage or during their production phases, in Real-time and also the ability to generate Reports. An example for Beverages would be Wine-Storage, where the wine were to be kept in special Humidity condition. While another example for Agriculture would be the Greenhouse plantation Humidity monitoring.